There are a few important things to consider when thinking about putting a roof on your home.

Of course, for a homeowner, the cost of such a project tends to top such a list.
However, safety, durability and aesthetics have an extremely important part to play as well. That's why there has been a marked increase in the number of homeowners who are turning to metal roofing, and standing seam metal roofs in particular.

Standing Seam roofing is a system where the fasteners are hidden, and the roof panels are attached to the structure of a home either via metal clips or directly to the decking.

standing seam metal roof fastening detail

TCM Standing Seam Fastening Detail For SL & SS-LOK


Tri County Metals produces both those standing seam metal roof types, and even a mechanical lock system for projects with a larger span.

Because the fasteners are hidden, a house that has a standing seam roof is protected against moisture that would otherwise seep through any penetrations in the surface. Exposed fasteners do provide a good level of protection, if the installation was done correctly and the screws were tightened to the correct level. However, a standing seam metal roof alleviates any such concern, which is why it has become the metal roof system of choice.

As one of Florida's premiere standing seam metal roof suppliers, Tri County Metals recently set out to improve the overall quality of its standing seam program, launching a new facility dedicated to the handling of all its standing seam orders. The company has made such great strides already, cutting the turn-around time for a standing seam order down to a week …with the end goal of just four days for production and crating of an order.

Watch the video below for more information,
and to see the ribbon cutting at the new Standing Seam Facility.


New Standing Seam Facility from Tri County Metals