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Let's talk about your metal roofing project and getting started. There are many options available when it comes to choosing metal roofing as an option for our home or business. If you are handy, you may be considering attempting it as a do it yourself project. Others feel that the task is beyond their skill set and are better off seeking out a professional installation crew. Either way, there are three key points to consider.The first point to consider for your metal roofing project and getting started is metal roofing style.

When planning your metal roofing project, it is important to first pick out the roof style that best suits your taste, needs, and will be a good fit for your home aesthetically. Tri County Metals offers four metal roofing panel profiles. The panel selection will be dependent on the usage. For example, if you are building a farm or outbuilding, you may be satisfied with our 5V Crimp profile which is perfectly suited for that application. In contrast, if you live along the coast and are concerned about the potential for high winds, you may be more comfortable selecting our TCM-LOC which is a standing seam panel profile.

Once you've narrowed down the style, consider color options as well. Choosing the right color for your metal roofing project is also important. You may be satisfied with a silver or Gavalume ® color to your metal roof, which is the most prevalent. You may want a specific color to match some aesthetic of your home or office. If so, your are in luck as Tri County Metals offers no less than 20 energy efficient colors; we can even provide samples upon request. With color selection often comes better warranties. In fact, even our Gavalume ® panels are backed with better warranties than most other metal roofing manufacturers.

Finally, when you've decided to begin your metal roofing project and you're getting started, when it comes to warranty,

it is important to choose a metal roofing product that will not only protect your home, but also stand the test of time itself. Our color coated metal roofing profiles include a 40 year film integrity warranty and a 30 year chalk and fade warranty. We are able to provide these lengthy warranties to our customers due to the paint and coating technology that we use. There are two main ingredients to paint and that is the pigments and the resin. Pigments provide the color, controls ultra-violet light transmission, and helps with corrosion protection. The resin is like the glue that holds the pigments together and provides the durability to the paint.Our staff takes pride in assisting home and business owners with planning their metal roofing projects. As you explore your project, please feel free to call on us with your question.

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