If you have done any research on metal roofing, you probably have come across companies claiming that their products are Florida Product Approved. Well, what does that mean and why is it important. Well, back in 2003 the State of Florida decided to come up with a way to validate building products used in the envelope of a building located in Florida to withstand wind requirements. Those products consisted of roofing products, exterior doors, windows, siding and etc.

As a manufacturer of those products, in order to sell their products they have to pay an engineer to test their products. Now it just doesn't stop there. With metal roofing, each panel profile has to be tested as a system. For example, a manufacturer could have one panel profile tested over 1/2″ plywood, 1/2″ osb, over 1×4's which are nailed down and over 1×4's which are screwed down. You can see that there are many different ways a metal roofing panel can be installed over your house and it is important to select a manufacturer who has this testing done that is specific to your requirements. Each manufacture will get assigned a Florida Product Approval # for each roof panel system that they have tested and passed. What that Florida Product Approval # means to you is that this company has paid to have their product tested to withstand a certain wind requirement based on where your house is located so in the event a Hurricane comes through that your roof won't blow off.

Another part of the Florida Product Approval process is an annual quality inspection by an accredited company. This company will measure each metal roofing panel profile that is Florida Product Approved to make sure it still matches what was originally tested as well as do an inspection on the actual coils that are used in the manufacturing of the roofing panels. Part of this inspection is that each manufacture carefully document daily inspections on their products as well as keep a paper trail from where the metal roofing coil came from all the way to what address the metal roofing panels were installed at.

For anybody who is looking at buying a metal roof for their house or business in Florida, should look for a manufacturer that has spent the money to test their products and which have a Florida Product Approval number for what you are going to be attaching the metal roofing to. If you have any questions about Florida Product Approvals, please feel free to call our office at {F:P:Site:Phone} and we will be glad to answer any question you may have.