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It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when installing metal roofing -– this includes using the appropriate metal roofing accessories. Installing metal roofing like your neighbor did or how your friend told you might not be the right way to install it.Anybody who sells metal roofing in the State of Florida has to have it engineered before it can be installed on a roof. The installation manual from the metal roofing manufacturer will show you how to install it the correct way. Some homeowners end up putting too many screws or too few screws in the metal and also put the screws in the wrong place. Besides what you are screwing the metal down to, the biggest thing that gives a metal roof its ability to withstand hurricane-type winds is the quantity and position of the screws.

Some think more is better, and in some cases that is true, but when it comes to metal roofing that just drives the cost up for installing a metal roof. Other things you will want to consider are installing the accessories that the metal roofing manufacturer recommends. Each piece of trim that you put down has a corresponding tape or sealant that boosts the effectiveness of the metal roof for keeping water and other things like bugs and leaves out of your attic. These accessories are just as critical to the roof performing the way it should as the roofing panels themselves.It is interesting how many times somebody will spend money to buy a metal roof because they understand it is a superior product, but they skimp on the little things. This is like buying an expensive car and putting the cheapest oil you can find in the engine. This is not merely an opinion, but a fact.

We have had customers come back to buy $50 in closures because bees had made a nest in their attic and comment to us that they wish they had done this in the first place. Our advice to you is spend a couple extra bucks and buy the accessories. That way when you get done with the roof you can be confident it will perform the way it should and that you won’t be back up on the roof fixing