When talking about the different types of metal roofing , each metal roofing panel profile falls into one of two categories; either exposed fastener or concealed fastener. Exposed fastener panels are attached to the roof using roofing screws with rubber washers installed through the top of the panel. When the metal roofing panels are completely installed, you can see the screws. Our Ultra Rib panel, PBR panel and 5V crimp panel fall into this category. Another panel that falls into this category is also the corrugated panel. Other metal roofing manufacturers may have their own names for their panel profiles but if the screws are visible once the roof panels are completely installed, then it is called an exposed fastener panel. The other category of metal roofing panels is the concealed fastener profiles also know as standing seam panels.

Our TCM-Lok panel falls into this category. These panels are still installed with screws, however, the overlapping panel snaps over the screws so they aren't exposed. This provides the added benefit of not having to worry about screws backing out from improper installation and it provides a very sleek look. Another benefit of the the concealed fastener profile is that they provide slots for the screws to be installed through which allows for the normal expansion and contraction associated with the temperature changes of the metal through the course of the day. Other concealed fastener profiles are installed with the use of clips that clip over the male leg of the panel. These panels also allow for the natural expansion and contraction of the metal though the course of the day.

Other types of metal roofing which fall into the concealed fastener profiles category are the profiles that look like tile and shingles. Based on price alone, exposed fastener metal roofing profiles are less expensive than the concealed fastener profiles. Each category of metal roofing profiles has its advantages and disadvantages, the good thing is there is such a good variety of styles and colors, you are bound to find something that fits your taste and budget.