Your roof may have survived the winter months, but now it’s time to survey any damage that winter might have caused. Spring roof maintenance is a necessary part of increasing the lifespan of your roof — and protecting your home’s precious interior. So, when it’s time to conduct your spring roof inspection, remember these two areas of concern.


Your roof's gutter system was designed to remove water from your roof in order to

  • prevent pooling and moisture buildup,
  • prevent damage to your home’s structure, and
  • discourage moisture-related mold growth

Dirty gutters that aren't properly maintained can shorten the life of your roof, so it’s critical that you check them once or twice a year.Spring is a great time to inspect your gutters and remove large chunks of debris by hand or with a garden trowel. After manually removing debris, follow with power washing to clean out the remaining dirt buildup.Remember, if you have a number of tall trees on your property you may need to check gutters more frequently for stray leaves and twigs.After cleaning out your gutters, it’s important to be proactive about trimming tree overhangs and large branches. Use a chainsaw or hand trimmer to clip branches away from the roof, especially if they appear to be dropping debris into your gutters. Finally, check gutters for loose or rusty sections and fix any problem areas as soon as possible.


Flashing, or the metal strips that seal gaps and prevent water from seeping under shingles, should be checked during each semi-annual roof inspection.It’s especially important to inspect flashing around your chimney, skylights, and valley regions. These are the three most common locations for leaks as winter wind and storms can cause flashing to pull away at these areas. Using small roof fasteners, tack down loose flashing and seal tack holes with roof cement. Call your local roofing professionals when you have more serious flashing problems or give us a call if you need a qualified referral.


While it’s easy to do simple roof inspections and repairs yourself, it’s advisable to hire an expert if your home has an aging roof, or if your roof is particularly steep and dangerous.

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