Often when we answer the phone or greet somebody in one of our locations interested in metal roofing, they refer to it as tin. Even a notable country song out there refers to metal roofing in one of the verses as tin; “when the tin roof went to talking.” It is interesting to note that metal roofing dates back to B.C. You would think that the use of tin has been in use since the ancient ages that tin would somehow make it into a metal roofing product. Besides, tin is very good at fighting corrosion, and can be used for many things including food cans. Tin combined with lead makes solder and combined with copper makes bronze. Although tin has many uses, it has been replaced by Galvalume® as the superior steel coating for metal roofs. The combination of aluminum and zinc applied over the steel substrate will provide many years of trouble free service, much longer than a tin roof. Despite what you might call metal roofing, if you call any metal roofing manufacturer and ask them about tin, they will most likely quote you a Galvalume® panel or Galvanized panel.