We want your new metal roof from Tri County Metals to last a lifetime. We've compiled some tips for you to consider on screw installation that we think you will find helpful:

Not installing the screws properly is the biggest mistake which happens to be the biggest concern for purchasers of metal roofing. You wouldn't think installing screws would be that hard but it has to been done with some precision. The problem is that most times when you screw something down you put the screw in pretty tight. Unfortunately an improperly installed metal roofing screw will lead to them leaking and backing out.

There are many things that happen when a metal roofing screw is over-tightened:

  • The first thing is that the rubber washer under the washer housing tears and in-turn will allow water to seep under the screw head.
  • Another thing that happens to the rubber washer if it doesn’t tear is that it gets pushed out past the washer housing on the screw and the sun’s ultra-violet rays will dry out and crack the washer which could lead to possible leaks.
  • The third thing an over-tightened screw will do is strip out the wood that you are screwing the metal to.

Most of the time you won’t know you have done this damage until years later when your screws start to back out from the roof because there is nothing holding the screw in place. The opposite of an over-tightened screw is a screw that is under-tightened.