Whether you are a do-it-yourself homeowner or a roofing contractor, it is always helpful to revisit the basics when it comes to proper installation techniques. The same is true when it comes time to install metal roofing screws.

Install Metal Roofing Screws – Advancing the Screw


There is a proper way to install metal roofing screws. Start the screw by pressing the drill bit end firmly against the metal roof, typically above the wooden roof framing. Press the drill button and slowly begin the rotation of the roof screw. As the metal begins to “drill” out the roof material, speed the drill up until the screw penetrates the metal. Keep advancing the screw until the metal washer seats firmly against the metal roof and the rubber seal squeezes slightly from under all sides of the metal washer.

Install Metal Roofing Screws – Seating the Screw

Install Metal Roofing ScrewIf the screw seat does not appear to seal, you can raise and then re-seat the roofing screw. Use only approved roof sealant to cover any errant or misaligned screw heads. Most metal roofing manufacturers will provide an approved sealant for “their” particular roofing system.At Tri County Metals, our team is committed to the success of your new metal roof project. As you are planning your new metal roofing project and have questions when it comes to the install of metal roofing screws or any other installation topics, please feel free to call on us. “Make your next roof your last,” isn't just our tag line; it's what we do. We're metal roofing experts. Contact us today. Would you like a free Planning Kit for your project – click here.