As you probably know after visiting our website there can be significant energy savings had by choosing a complete metal roofing system using 1×4 purlins, reflective foil insulation and our Energy Star-rated metal roofing from Tri County Metals in Trenton and Live Oak, Florida.

What about the rest of your home as it relates to potential energy savings? We found a great website – the Florida Public Service Commission.

This site offers much information for homeowners:

  • A consumer portal
  • Complaint form
  • Consumer tips
  • Consumer Connection
  • Newsletter
  • Links to the Office of the Inspector General
  • and more

The link we listed at the top is particularly useful – there is an interactive house image with a cutaway – as you scroll over the home, the green box to the left will list tips and information for that area of the home.You will also note a link to all tips for home energy savings and an energy savings calculator.

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