Maintaining your roof is the one thing that most homeowners neglect to do to their house. A metal roof will provide you with many years of trouble-free service, but that doesn’t mean you neglect it. Maintaining your roof starts from the minute you put in your last screw. After working on a metal roof, more than likely you will have metal filings on your roof that you can’t see from installing screws and cutting metal pieces. Metal filings should never be left sitting on the roof. What ends up happening is that these metal filings will start to rust and will leave surface rust on the metal roofing panels.


keep your metal roof clear of leaves

Nobody wants to see their new metal roof start rusting before they even get to start enjoying it. The other maintenance concern we see quite frequently, especially in the fall, is a neglected buildup of leaves and debris. Initially leaves on a metal roof might seem harmless, but moisture is being trapped between the leaves and the metal which could lead to damaging the metal. And this goes for anything else, not just leaves that can land and collect on your roof. Don’t feel like you have to blow your roof off every time you see a couple of leaves on it, but you should make it a habit to do it a couple of times a year depending on where your house is located in relation to trees. Do this and you are doing your part in extending the life of your metal roof even longer.

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