If you've lived in Florida for at least a few years then you are familiar with hurricanes. The Atlantic hurricane season is a time when most tropical cyclones are expected to develop across the northern Atlantic Ocean. It is currently defined as the time frame from June 1 through November 30, though in the past the season was defined as a shorter time frame. As it happens, historically, September is month when the most hurricanes have hit the USA, with 104 land falling hurricanes since 1851. So just because we've enjoyed a bit of cooler weather recently, don't be fooled that we're out of the woods when it comes to potential hurricane activity. The state of Florida also has a tendency to be hit after long periods of tropical peace, and our last strike was ten years ago. More on the

Tropical storms plus hurricanes add up to a potentially brutal month for storms in September. And, historically, October isn't too much better!

Since September, historically, is the worst month for hurricanes, the question we need to ask is, “Is your roof ready for the coming storm?” Now that school is back in session and the holiday season is still a couple of months away, now is the perfect time to get with one of our metal roofing experts to discuss your new metal roof. You can request color samples, try our Virtual Roof Designer, and even request a quote, all from our website. We have three locations to serve you in Trenton, Live Oak, and Ocala. We also deliver all over north Florida and even South Georgia. Call us now at {F:P:Site:Phone}. Our metal roofing experts are ready to assist you.