Sometimes we get asked when the right time to put on a metal roof is. Here at Tri County Metals, with the majority of our product is delivered to north Florida and south Georgia, the local climate is such that there isn't a wrong time to go through the process of installing a metal roof. We suggest you consider our local potential for severe weather. Currently, we are in the middle of hurricane season, and while the most recent strong storm broke up before it reached Florida, there are several other storm systems brewing in the Atlantic. If you have an existing shingle roof, the chances are that a new metal roof can be installed right on top of the shingles depending on various factors such as your roof's substrate and the condition it is in. The metal roof installation process can be done relatively quickly, in many cases installed in two to three days for an average size and complexity residential roof.

More About The Right Time To Install A Metal Roof

Your roofing installation professional can work with you, even in the middle of hurricane season, to make sure the timing of installation will avoid any harsh weather conditions. We have several metal roofing profiles to choose from along with numerous color options. We also have all of the accessories you'll need for your project including underlayment, double bubble, flashing, and specialty trim. Give us a call today and let one of our skilled metal roofing experts assist you in preparing a free metal roofing package estimate.