Metal Roofing Requirements: A Brief History

Before I discuss the two common mistakes when installing a metal roof, I figured I would write about what the State of Florida requirements are for manufacturers. The state of Florida has a system in place where anybody who sells building materials that are used for the building envelope requires a Florida Product Approval #. What a Florida Product Approval # means is that a product manufacturer has sent their building materials away to be tested by an independent lab to prove that their products can withstand Florida's harsh weather conditions, specifically wind uplift. Those test results are validated by another 3rd party to verify the findings, and then there is an another independent company that makes a visit to the plant once a year to make sure all their products are in spec with what is on their Florida Product Approval.

Metal Roofing Mistakes: Two Common Ones to Avoid

Now what gets most people in the trouble is that they buy our metal roofing materials and install it whatever way they want. The problem arises when the local building official pulls out our Florida Product Approval to see how the panels are supposed to be installed before he inspects the roof. The two most common installation mistakes I see people now making are they either install the panels over the wrong substrate (i.e. plywood, OSB, or 1 x 4's) or they fasten the screws down incorrectly (i.e. screw spacing or placement is wrong). The easiest way to avoid these problems are to review our Florida Product Approvals ahead of time to see what panel profile is appropriate for your house or you can call and discuss your project with one of our customer service representative who can tell you based on the specifics of your house what metal roofing panel would be appropriate.