Before we can review the cost of a metal roof Tallahassee, we should review some background information about metal roofing. Metal Roofing in the Tallahassee area is becoming more and more popular for several reasons. For one, homeowners and business owners are realizing how much longer a metal roof will last compared to other roofing types. Regardless of the extended warranties (some as high as 40 years), history has shown that a metal roof lasts longer. If you look at some of the historical buildings in Tallahassee, you will see some of the original roofs, which still happen to be a metal roof. It is almost sure that a metal roof in Tallahassee will give you at most 20 years of useful life. Sometimes they may last a little longer than that but is usually requires expensive repairs and upkeep.

Cost of a Metal Roof in Tallahassee – Factors to Consider

Several things go into figuring out how much a metal roof will cost, so let’s dive into what some of those reasons are.

Condition of the Roof

When we consider the cost of a metal roof in Tallahassee, we first must look at the condition of the roof. For starters, a roof that should have been replaced several years ago but wasn't for whatever reason will probably cost more than a roof that gets replaced before leaks start to happen. The reason why has leak start to form in the ceiling, the underlying plywood or osb, which is the material that the shingles are nailed to starts to rot. When this starts to happen, the roofing contractor will have to put into their roofing quote to remove the shingles and then replace the rotten plywood, as opposed to just installing a new metal roof over the existing shingle roof, which is code for Tallahassee. The price of replacing rotten plywood can vary from contractor to contractor, but most charge around $85 per sheet to do this service, because of the labor and the need for some way to haul off and dispose of the shingles and the rotten plywood.

Complexity of the Roof

In roofing, roofers refer to a house as being cut-up or not, and what they are referring to is how many cuts they may have to do to the metal panels to get them to fit on the roof. You see, the metal roofing sheets are manufactured to length, so any angle cuts, like around a w-valley, needs to be measured and cut for the panel to fit. Obviously, for the roofing contractor, this would add additional labor hours for them to the job and so they would have to choose more money. Now if you are doing it yourself, then you wouldn't have to worry about this. The other thing with the complexity of the roof would be that additional trim pieces would have to be purchased for these areas of the roof that needs to be cut.

Materials Selected

Lastly, when we consider the cost of a metal roof in Tallahassee, we need to look at the specific metal roofing materials. The last thing that affects the price of a metal roof is what type of panel, gauge, and color you select. Some metal roofing panels are more expensive than others. For example, a 29 gauge 3-foot wide panel costs less than a 24 gauge standing seam panel. As well, an unpainted roofing panel cost less than a metal roofing panel that is painted. We will get into the advantages and disadvantages to those in another article, but for now, you just need to understand that depending on what you choose to have for your next metal roof will affect the price. When you are ready for a new metal roof, you can give us a call, and we can give you a pretty good idea how much the metal roofing materials would cost.