In today’s business world, especially for small business, use of social media to reach your customer base is essential. The use of Facebook, specifically, is compulsory. Setting up a Facebook page for your business is relatively easy and best of all it’s free. But like with anything by way of marketing, it’s only helpful to you if your embrace it and use it regularly.

This is where the “social calendar” comes in. Generating content for your new business Facebook page can seem daunting. But what if you had a guide that helped you know what content you needed to pull together? So consider this, what if every Monday, you posted the roofer joke of the week? And on Wednesday, you posted a roofing tip or fact for potential customer’s to consider like did you know that painted metal roofing is more heat resistance than Galvalume? And what if on Saturday you posted before and after photos of your most recent job and called it Satisfied Showcase?

By approaching your content in this way, you Facebook fan base should grow, you’ll engage the audience on regular basis, and your audience will expect to see your new content. So when the potential customer that’s connected with you on Facebook is ready for their new roof, or their friends or family are ready, you’ll have a captive audience listening, trusting, and ready to do business with you.