Adding our AYR-FOIL insulating product to your order can add heat resistance and add to the energy efficiency of your new metal roof system.
Reflective insulation is thermal insulation composed of enclosed air spaces sandwiched between one or more low emittance materials. A radiant barrier system specifies that the reflective material facing an open air space. The main difference between the two is that a reflective insulation system has a measurable R-value.

By definition, this means that our AYR-FOIL bubble products are reflective insulation systems because they already have an enclosed air space sandwiched between the outer layers. Radiant barriers are typically products such as aluminium-aluminium or aluminium-kraft paper. These products can also be reflective insulation systems if their foil side is facing an enclosed air space.

What are R-Values?

R-values are commonly used to rate the thermal resistance and effectiveness of insulating materials. When properly installed, AYR-FOIL has a good R-value, which effectively resists heat transfer through thermal conduction. Because it acts as a radiant energy barrier AYR-FOIL is superior to other mass insulation products with the same R-values. In addition to ensuring exceptional indoor comfort, AYR-FOIL stands out by its ability to provide superior energy savings.

What is AYR-FOIL?

AYR-FOIL A2V is an 8-mm thick reflective insulation consisting of two layers of air bubbles laminated between aluminum foil and a white polyethylene film.

What are the Benefits?

Is quick and easy to install
Reduces condensation, air infiltration, and energy costs
Reduces inside heat gains and provides an excellent R-value
Protects livestock
Is a reliable, long-lasting vapor barrier
Prevents condensation and is not affected by mold
Is available in rolls up to 8 ft (2.5 m) wide
Is easy to clean and provides a good-looking finish

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