Perhaps you have lately noticed a certain trend in exterior home remodeling. Homeowners are moving toward more sustainable and lower maintenance options in order to save money in future labor costs and protect their investment over the longer haul.

Metal roofing has become a popular choice due to its longevity, beauty, and performance. It is also a smarter, more environmentally friendly choice as well. In addition to out-performing all other roof types during harsh weather, the metal roofing revolution has gained market and mind share because metal roofing manufacturers are offering more choices in colors and styles to meet the demands of a discriminating residential market. From advanced standing seam systems to interlock metal roofing shingles, there are a lot of choices that are available at Tri County Metals!

Tri County Metal’s Aluminum TCM-Lok Panel is the most popular residential standing standing seam metal roofing panel on the market today. The panel screws are actually concealed underneath the panel and are not visible and there’s no set-back requirement. That’s what makes this panel unique!

Let’s start with some basics before we go any further. Steel roofs, which include galvanized roofs, are measured in thickness by gauge. Aluminum roofs are measured in thickness by thousandths of an inch. The way the scales work is simple, but different. As you go down in gauge, for example 29 gauge to 24 gauge, the steel product is thicker. With aluminum, as you go up in thousandths of an inch, for example from 019 to 024, the material is thicker and generally more forgiving because it’s more flexible. How important is thickness? If you were buying gold coins and all the coins were the same diameter and alloy composition, but one was 30% thicker, wouldn’t you agree that the thicker gold coin is worth 30% more than the other? Which coin would you prefer?

As with coins, all metal roofs are not the same. The thickness of the material matters. After all, it is what you are paying for in the end. The thicker the roofing material, the better the protection for your home.

TCM-LOK Metal Panel Overview

Applications: Residential and light commercial

Gauge: .032 or .040

Panel Profile: 15.75″ wide with 1″ high ribs

Substrate: 15/32″ plywood, 7/16” thick OSB

Finish: Kynar

Warranty: 25-year limited paint warranty

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Florida Product Approval for Aluminum TCM-LOK Metal Panel

• Minimum .032 Ga. Aluminum TCM-LOK Panel over over 15/32″ plywood or 7/16” OSB

Florida Product Approval # 22036.1

The addition of these new Florida Product Approvals adds great versatility for our homeowner and contractor customers as they work on a variety of project types and circumstances including If you’re in within 1,500 feet of a coastal area. If you have any questions or need additional documentation, do not hesitate to contact us